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Olivia finished on Sunday, October 25. We have received so much positive feedback about the show and a huge thankyou needs to go to all of the cast and crew. See the entry titled Awesome Olivia on our news page for more info.

From the Producer - Mandy Bransgrove

It has been a dream of mine for some time to produce a junior production for SHYAC and Olivia was the perfect show! (Thanks for finding it De!) This production is specifically targeted for children aged 8 -14 years and gives our younger members a chance to shine. As you will see, they are glowing from head to toe!

I have been privileged to have worked with four amazing and talented women. Their dedication and enthusiasm was nothing short of inspirational and infectious. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Cindy, Julie, Monique and Jenny. From the moment the “O” Team was created we have laughed, danced, sung and cried…and enjoyed every moment of it!
The production team has relished working with the children. Their confidence, hard work and sense of fun they have shown us through the three month rehearsal period has been tremendous. Watching performance skills develop, friendships blossom and seeing them work as a team has been incredibly rewarding.
This has been a truly positive experience!

From the Director - Cindy Pryma

As I prepare the program, I reminisce on the months that have gone by. The production team first met on a lovely warm summer’s day in February at Satori Springs. We read through the musical Olivia and immediately images started popping up in my head and I wrote hasty notes. We laughed and sang, we ate cookies and made our plans. Winter came and went. My hasty notes came to life in Jenny’s hands.  The magical backdrop of the English countryside has surpassesd my expectations. The costumes would rival any professional stage! The sounds of Julie’s piano and murmurs of little voices have translated into confident three part harmony and the 120 legs have become choreographed dances by Monique. Mandy’s ability to coordinate, goodness knows how many people and jobs, is simply miraculous! Thank you for sharing your dream and giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team that is SHYAC. ‘What a team we had!’

The script of Olivia originally asked for (and we swore not to cast more than) 40 children. When more than one hundred children aged between 8-14 years arrived on audition day, I nearly fell off my perch. From the first reading of the script, I knew we had a wonderful group of a mere 60. I believe that everyone who steps onto the stage needs their very own character to portray. I adapted the script to encompass twenty new roles so that each person would have at least two lines of their very own. Some of the orphans and poor school girls came up with excellent character profiles. Each cast member has made a concerted effort to bring their characters to life.

The cast has worked together for some 50 hours to produce a fun, witty musical. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have dreadful dreams of opening night. However the endless energy coming from the cast kept us oldies going right through to performance. Well done EVERYONE, I am so proud of each and every one of you!!
To the patrons and sponsors of SHYAC, without your continued support and enthusiasm for live theatre, we would have no one to share our passion for the stage, Thank-you!

From the President of SHYAC - Allan Cupitt

The growth of SHYAC continues unabated with some hugely successful performances this year, new sponsorships, lots of new members and even bigger plans for next year.
Since BIG, the musical, all the SHYAC volunteers, committee members and production team members have been focussed on Olivia. Even at the auditions in August, it was obvious this would be a spcial show. The cast members are wonderful and have all worked really hard to bring the show together for you. They have been supported by the very talented Director Cindy Pyrma, excitable Producer Mandy Bransgrove, Choreographer Monique Bastin, Musical Director Julie Blanchard and Creative Designer Jenny Stewart. A big thank-you also needs to go to the wonderful parents who have helped throughout rehearsals. We hope you enjoy this very special musical.
 Other highlights include:
SHYAC conducted a film-making program throughout August and September. The participants have been writing, filming and editing short documentaries about the young driver safety program U-Turn-the-Wheel and other events. The resulting films will be on our YouTube page very shortly.
 SHYAC participated in Tulip Time by joining the parade and holding preview performances of Olivia in Corbett Gardens. In the parade, we had a Mary Poppins float and some members of the Olivia cast plus other SHYAC people who showed up on the day. At the gardens, our choir SOUND and Olivia each performed half-hour sets in the rotunda for appreciative audiences.
The SHYAC office is now home to one job with two halves. Our office managers Katy and Travis are sharing the role and have been planning ways to help grow SHYAC in the next few years. We hope to have more theatrical shows and lots of other programs to get involved with.
As our reputation for wonderful performances and programs and being a caring, creative environment for young people continues to grow, SHYAC is building more partnerships with other organisations in the Southern Highlands. For 2011 onwards, we have secured a very generous sponsorship of the musical theatre program from Mittagong RSL. Part of this agreement is a commitment to expand the number of performances we have each year, including a ‘blockbuster’ type performance in the summer holidays. SHYAC’s other major supporter is the IMB through their community foundation.
In 2011, we are also increasing our efforts to recognise Bowral as the ‘birthplace’ of Mary Poppins, so keep an eye out for activities and events associated with the world’s most famous nanny.
SHYAC remains a volunteer-driven organisation. We do need support to expand our scope of activities and there are volunteering opportunities in website development, artistic and creative areas, building sets, costumes, administration and management and other aspects of the arts.
As 2010 draws to a close, we want to be more accessible to members and the community. You can find our fan page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@shyacoz), subscribe to our YouTube channel (shyacoz), and visit our website for updated news. Help us create a true youth arts community in the Southern Highlands by using these services with us.

A few notes of thanks from the Production Team

To the parents and families of the cast of Olivia we give our sincere thanks. We couldn’t have done it without you! When volunteers were requested people came out of the wood works. Thank you for supervising, selling tickets, making coffee and for getting your children to rehearsals on time and prepared for the days’ activities. This made our job so much easier!
We would like to extend our gratitude to Michelle Feely who took charge of parental volunteers, coordination of rosters and the dreaded paperwork. She simply stepped up to the task without hesitation. You are a gem!
To Melanie Thuma and Leanne Flaus who assisted in creating some extraordinary costumes and props, we thank you.
Shona Seymour’s artistic flair is displayed in the hallway! Thank you for bringing an ambiance to the over-all production before you even walk in to the theatre. Well done!
To Andrea Napier who helped at the last minute with photography for the program, thank goodness you were here, with a camera, and talent! Thanks also to Lauren.
Our appreciation must go to the SHYAC committee for the opportunity to stage this production and for the guidance they have given the team along the way. Without the organisations financial backing, the youth of the Highlands would not have had this wonderful experience.
And a huge thank you to our wonderful lighting crew Josh and Michael. They have displayed nothing but professionalism, enthusiasm and support above and beyond the call of duty. Your sense of humour and loyalty to SHYAC is very much appreciated!

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