How to log in if you don't have an email address

Our new SHYAC website requires that each person has a unique email address to login. This presents a problem for some of our family memberships, especially where a family only has one email address or a child member doesn't have their own email. Our system allows us to bundle the family memberships and have an adult administrator for the whole family. That administrator can login and update details for any member of the family bundle.

What we have done to work around the problem where a family member doesn't have their own email address is to create a pseudo (pretend) email address in the form of  and then have a forwarder to your family bundle administrator's address. This means each individual family member listed in our SHYAC membership bundle can log in themselves.

To give you an example
: The Simpson family has three children in SHYAC but only two email addresses for them all. Marge is the mother and is the SHYAC Family Bundle Administrator. Her email  address is   Lisa Simpson has an email address but her brother Bart doesn't have one now (he did but was banned) and neither does her baby sister Maggie.

So to enable each of the Simpson family members to be registered and login SHYAC sets up two new email addresses on its system and  SHYAC then places a forwarder so that all email to these pseudo addresses is sent to

Lisa Simpson can log in with her password and the email address

Bart Simpson can log in with his password and the email address

If Maggie was old enough to type she could also log in with her password and the email address

Lisa will get any SHYAC email messages intended for her at but Bart and Maggie's messages will be forwarded to Marge's email address

Let's say the father Homer Simpson was feeling left out. Marge could log in as the Family Bundle Administrator with her password and her email and then add Homer's membership details with his email address

Likewise if Bart eventually gets his own email address then Marge could login as the Family Bundle Administrator and change the existing to his new one  His SHYAC emails would then go to that new address.

The Family Bundle Adminstrator may get some duplicate messages but they will generally have the child's name at the top so they can tell who the message is for.

Hope that explanation helps.  The software we are using has many advantages but this is a problem and the programmers are working on changes to this unique email login but at the moment we have to use this workaround.

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