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The current SHYAC Committee intends to expand the range of arts opportunities for the region's youth in its Production & Outreach Development (POD) project.

SHYAC was awarded a grant of $25,000 from the IMB Community Foundation for its POD Project in 2009-10

The goal of the SHYAC Production & Outreach Development (POD) project is to extend the successful SHYAC model to other art forms, in line with the original vision of SHYAC’s late founder, Jan Howe, of “art by young people for young people”.  POD is the growth strategy for SHYAC to become a true regional umbrella organisation for fostering youth arts, in co-operation with government, schools and private enterprise sponsors.

SHYAC should seek to offer more performance, workshops and participation opportunities for its youth members: These could include projects in short film, comedy, drama, webcasting and other arts mediums. As well as maintaining its commitment to a major annual musical theatre production, an additional show with an upper age limit of 14-15 years so that principal roles can go to younger cast members is to be explored. This junior show might also provide the older SHYAC youth with opportunities to assist and learn directing, choreography and other stagecraft skills.

The POD project would also seek to offer new opportunities for young people wanting to get involved more intensively in other artistic and creative forms such as photography and film, cartooning and animation, journalism and creative writing, graphic design and visual arts. For example, a youth group could collaborate on a documentary about the making of a SHYAC show or aim to produce a short film entry for the annual Tropfest competition in Sydney.

A critical component of the POD project is the development of a sophisticated SHYAC website
. This essential communications tool would have many aspects including:
  • Young programmers and web designers can participate in its development;
  • Promoting SHYAC productions and the POD project initiatives
  • Acknowledging and promoting SHYAC sponsors
  • Being the regional arts information resource for youth, SHYAC volunteers and teachers
  • Providing youth arts related blogs and online forums
  • Offering a showcase for youth creative expression (eg writing, photography etc) for both SHYAC and schools as well as competitions to attract new members
  • Webcasting of SHYAC productions, workshops, master-classes
SHYAC would also host workshops, short courses and master-classes (with high profile guest presenters) in a range of technical and production areas. These would be offered in conjunction with schools and other amateur theatre and community arts organisations so they become a regional resource and are well-patronised. The workshops and classes would cover areas such as theatrical production, stage lighting & sound, set design & construction, casting, choreography, and directing. Other relevant courses and guest lecturers would be conducted in the new production areas as they come on stream.

The final component of the POD project is an active ongoing community outreach program by SHYAC including the following elements:

  • Schools liaison & collaboration with arts teachers in the region;
  • Information brochure and sponsors’ kit;
  • Website and email database to build memberships, audiences and to promote sponsors;
  • Charity support partnering: linking SHYAC productions to a regional charity by donating a percentage of proceeds thereby raising awareness of both organisations, giving youth an insight into the plight of those less fortunate and engaging in practical philanthropy;
  • Enlisting high profile patrons for SHYAC who live in the region
  • Special performance and preview opportunities for sponsors and their guests as well as community benefits for nursing homes, retirement villages and the like.

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